Volleyball science fair projects

Then you can see if different brands effect how high it bounces. For example, you could ask an interesting question as it applies to your favorite team, and then repeat it for other teams to see if the relationship holds.

Paper chromatography can be done in that time period pretty easily; it's also got some visual appeal. Volleyball is played for athletic rather than scientific reasons, however, if you wanted to you could use the motion of the ball as an example of ballistic motion as described… by Newtonian mechanics and the law of gravity.

While I was talking to Patrick, Nathan, and Zachary, kids kept stopping by to take pictures and ask for autographs. Courtesy of Kim Sutterer Kim studied the paths followed by volleyballs with topspin, backspin, and no spin, launched at three different angles: When the arm has turned 90 degrees, the sensor picks up light shining through the hole, and rotation stops.

He settled on fiberfill. Air following the longer path travels faster and bends more sharply, producing a dramatic drop in air pressure on that side of the ball. This type of project is fairly quick, so you may want to include several questions to increase the depth of the investigation.

Ryan is now designing a vest that he can test in the field. Paintball splatter William Ryan Roth has been conducting experiments to help his team out, too. I didn't know that milk gave the cupcake fluffiness. Examine Newton's second law of motion and the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy using a volleyball and tennis ball.

At this point, the boys still have to send commands through a computer that is connected to the robot. Such a robot would need color sensors, moveable grips, and a more advanced computer program. But only one will win. They used plastic building toys to create the overall structure.

I hope these ideas get you started. Do baseball players hit more home runs when they get up to bat more often. I hope this helps you find a project that you like out of these. Sohn The students decided to build a robot that could solve the cube, too.

Or maybe, I'd like to try to do a recipe and change the amount of one ingredient. The resulting robot has five arms, one for each of five of the six faces of the cube. You want to make sure that they are familiar with both gyms or unfamiliar with both gyms. To make sure each turn is exactly 90 degrees, the young engineers used a photocell sensor system.

Intel By dissecting games and sports they love to play, the young researchers found ways to improve their own performance. This can be conducted with a single product at a time against a control group who will not be given a dose of the product.

All the materials included in the science project kits or technology kits are carefully selected for compatibility, best results and successful experiments. Science is more than fun, the students found.

The Big Science Day is an annual event where students from Grades 8, 10 and 11 proudly display their unique science projects to fellow students and professional judges, showing their wonder and appreciation for the world around us through their imaginative scientific processes in which they produce their final product.

Chocolate Chip Science Fair Cookies

The purpose of this science fair project was to determine which volleyball serve is the hardest for the opponent to return based on the effects of the spin on volleyball.


What Are Some Volleyball Science Fair Projects?

We will be selling concessions. Drinks, chips, and oreos. If you are interested in volunteering to run concessions please email Bonnie Shin. We strongly encourage parents of students who participate in the sports program to consider these volunteer opportunities as it raises funds for.

Creating a simple diagnostic tool for earlier detection of cardiac disease Combating the global food crisis: Diazotroph Bacteria as a Cereal Crop Growth Promoter A flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand Catch, identify and count insects in a greenhouses in order to determine a control strategy.

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Spin, Splat, and Scramble

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Volleyball science fair projects
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