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Stephen Strauss was a long time science writer for over 20 years with the Globe and Mail and more recently has written a column for the CBC’s website.

Home» About» Board of Directors. Learn more about our Board of Directors (pdf). Greg Chownyk (Chair) Vice President, Canada Sales & Origination, Shell Energy North America. Stephen Strauss Science Writer and Columnist.

Jim S.C. Tom Strategic Technology Consultant.

Canadian Fish Scientist 'Muzzled' by Government

Our Mission. Stephen Strauss is a science writer with over 30 years of experience in the Canadian media. He covered science over a 25 year period for Globe and Mail and since leaving there has written a regular column for the CBC’s website.

Stephen is also an accomplished author and speaker with numerous awards and fellowships. Canadian Fish Scientist 'Muzzled' by Government. "We've been dealing with this for years," says Stephen Strauss, vice-president of the Canadian Science Writers Association (CSWA).

Stephen strauss science writer willy
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