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He also heads the Center for African Studies at the same university and is a columnist plus editorial cartoonist with The Observer, a national newspaper. McGreevy was appointed I. Brahier also interviewed approximately half of the workers in La Joya to learn about their demographics, income, and spending prioritization.

Kaplan recalls a senior thesis written by former political science and history double major Allyson Connolly, that was especially notable because it linked her two majors, drew on her experience interning in Washington D.

Some of her main publications include The Religion of Four Palaces: Grabowski helps us understand that these efforts were not always well received. She teaches courses on development and African politics and also leads study abroad trips to Tanzania and South Africa.

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This fall break I am leaving our lovely campus to visit The Netherlands. Elliott drafted the economic-incentives of the Clean Air Act Amendments of Religion and the Politics of Social Entrepreneurship in Uganda Read more The project is a qualitative study of how religion shapes the formation and success of grassroots leaders in the field of social welfare, that is, Ugandan social entrepreneurs.

You cannot register until you have a thesis director. She is majoring in Political Science- Pre-Law and is interested in constitutional and criminal law.

She is majoring in Public Policy and Environmental Biology and is interested in natural resource policy. His senior Honors thesis was written on how the media affected public opinion of the Iraq War. His book, The Calls of Islam: Departmental Honors To graduate with departmental honors a student must write a thesis and take a cluster of four recommended enrichment courses in consultation with their advisor, including: Submissions can be made by current Notre Dame graduate students only.

Jaffa - professor of political philosophy, scholar of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Aristotelian virtue, and the American founding.

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Asante's research interests spans social capital, civil society and democratization, religion and politics. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. His academic background is in Philosophy, with specialisation in Ethics.

McGreevy explains that, for example, a student studying in London for a semester might uncover an idea there for a research topic, apply for an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program UROP grant and return to London over the summer, strategically planning toward a thesis.

And an All-American road trip seemed perfect. Income for residents in the garbage dump communities is entirely dependent on what is thrown away.

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Laws of the Sea from degradation. Research for Science Majors Science research is an exciting practice--it is what those who call themselves scientists do. Latino communities, to support scholarly work by undergraduate and graduate students consistent with the mission of the Institute for Latino Studies.

Generational differences, ritual uses of the flags of Saigon and Hanoi, and the worship of nature-based mother goddesses will all be explored in these new settings, to prepare a co-authored comparative analysis.

Share For some students, fall break is a time to head home, relax, and see family and friends, but for others, fall break is an opportunity to travel, do service, or conduct research. The University encourages undergraduate research, but students need to learn how research is actually done before they undertake a project of their own.

Stigmatizing Muslim Men in Berlin Stanford, His work explores the historical encounter of Islam and the African world as mediated in Afro-Arabic texts. We focus on such leaders and their relationships to their constituents as a way of understanding the larger overlapping religious, political, and social welfare fields in Uganda, and ultimately to show how religion contributes to social transformation by motivating and enabling certain forms of local transformative action.

Carabellese is majoring in Political Science and has a particular interest in partisanship, voting behavior, and gender in politics. Glynn scholars may locate such an opportunity themselves, or may be guided by a Notre Dame faculty member who also does research elsewhere.

Senior Honor Thesis POLS Seniors with a grade point average of or above are encouraged to write a senior honors thesis. For this project, the student works closely with a faculty member on a topic of the student's choice. Gladden J. Pappin is assistant professor of politics at the University of Dallas, deputy editor of American Affairs, and permanent research fellow and senior adviser of the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame.

He is a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and a member of the Osage Nation. His research areas include contemporary politics and the roots.

Senior Thesis Along with your name, ID number, email address, project title, and project dates, please include the following with your application: A statement describing your project.

Notre Dame’s Program of Liberal Studies is an integrated liberal education, offering courses in the fine arts, history, literature, philosophy, science, and theology, rooted in the Great Books tradition with its seminar method of teaching.

A combination of innovation and tradition. For student body president and vice-president hopefuls, junior Corey Robinson and sophomore Becca Blais, this is key to Notre Dame’s continued and increasing success. The concepts may sound abstract, but Robinson, a PLS major, wide receiver for the Irish.

Notre Dame’s Program of Liberal Studies is an integrated liberal education, offering courses in the fine arts, history, literature, philosophy, science, and theology, rooted in the Great Books tradition with its seminar method of teaching.

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