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Susan has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University, a master's degree in Asian studies from the University of California at Berkeley, and a bachelor's degree in political science with a minor in environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz.

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Yes, you heard that right. Inthere were 34, and in19 Morrison, I quickly enrolled in a graduate-level, nonfiction writing course in the English department. Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. The deceptions facilitated a continuing impact on society that continues to the present day, without any acknowledgement or change by the scientific community or government regulatory agencies.

Where Scientific American editors are available for media interviews, their subject expertise, availability and experience are noted. People are hiring science writers.

In your daily quest for the novel and the newsworthy, you jump from field to field, subject to subject, and it never gets old. And, best of all, Science Writing 2. Go back to school. Toward the end of grad school, a career-planning course helped me realize that I would not be fulfilled following the traditional path to a postdoc.

The Newsweek piece quotes a British "chemist and science writer" named David Bradley as saying that "oxidizing agents," also known as free radicals, are a "front-line of immune defense against pathogens and cancer cells.

Like all stringers and nearly all staff reporters at the time, the freelancer had no special science background and knew little about Venus beyond its position, second from the sun.

In fact, world-renowned toxicology expert Dr. I wish I could say that I threw myself directly into science journalism.

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This column was co-authored by Dr. That makes science writing no longer a skill reserved for professional journalists but part of the job description for all scientists.

He holds a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. Today, Americans are as likely to get science and technology news from the Internet as from television National Science Foundation, Thus began the golden age of science writing, which was not all gilt and not all that long.

Career[ edit ] Begley graduated from Yale University in with a Bachelor of Arts degree in combined sciences. Sources for this story include: It is an increasingly meaningless distinction. It was a hands-on lab course, staffed by enough graduate students to keep me and my fellow journalists from harm at the bench.

It is terribly competitive, and staff jobs are difficult to land. Jay Lehr The elections underscore the need for bipartisan efforts to address scientific frauds that promote and justify ever more stringent regulations — often to the great detriment of people, patients and society.

She is an advisor for the Citizen Science Alliance. The ASCB also put me on the other end of the equation: He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Society of Environmental Journalists, and inhe was elected to serve on the executive board of the World Federation of Science Journalists.

The book then explores the ability of various therapeutic treatments to change the functioning of the neural pathways of the brain and the relationship between this research and the traditional meditative practices of Buddhism.

Edited work is going to be more polished and more appropriate to send out for job applications than blog posts. It was a night class that met just once a week, so I could squeeze it into my schedule without disrupting my time in the lab.

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Integral to the Post and the other ASCB website pages are our social media efforts, which push traffic toward ASCB pages but also point outward, so our followers also look to us for leads to interesting stuff elsewhere.

Here to give some perspective on science writing in the Digital Age, we offer two views—old school J. But you can learn to Pitch, Publish, and Prosper.

Higher doses can cause problems, and therefore must be calculated and regulated. In a column that appeared in the next issue, Samuelson characterized the article as "'fundamentally misleading' because it focused on the 'peripheral' actions of the 'denial machine' instead of the intractability of man-made warming".

The Science Writers' Handbook

Many science writers do not have journalism degrees, and it seems to make little difference to an editor whether a writer does or not (the same goes for whether the writer has a PhD or not).

The messages for science writers are to ask questions beyond the obvious and to seek out what the science doesn't imply as well as what it does. If I had applied those lessons back inI might not now be in the embarrassing position of being a cat's paw for denial of climate change.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Science in Society Journalism Awards, sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers. Winners in each category receive a cash prize of $2, to be awarded at a reception on October 26,at the World Conference of Science Journalists taking place this year in San Francisco.

He was an editor at Newsweek magazine, as well as an editor and writer at Time Asia in Hong Kong. He is the author of “Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition.” Follow.

INTRODUCTORY NOTE: Award-winning journalist Sharon Begley is a senior writer for Newsweek specializing in science stories. The following passage is adapted from an article she wrote that appeared on Newsweek's Web site in October — Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, slammed social media giants for their inability to protect children from cyberbullying.

As part of his Cyberbullying Taskforce campaign, William spoke at the BBC and criticized the “defensive” attitude major social media outlets have taken in regards to the ongoing spread of hate speech and “supercharged” bullying that occurs online.

Newsweek science writer
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