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Increasingly, individual studies receive funding from commercial firms, private foundations, and government. Authors should do so in the manuscript on a conflict-of-interest notification page, providing additional detail, if necessary, in a cover letter that accompanies the manuscript.

The research works published in this journal are free to be accessed. The journal is published both in print and online versions.

Articles in interdisciplinary areas with potential technological implications are strongly encouraged. Submission Instructions This journal uses ScholarOne Manuscripts to peer review manuscript submissions. One Hard Copy will be sent to Corresponding Author and additional copy will be charged 25 Euros each.

The journal serves for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in all fields of applied physics. The editor is happy to discuss contributions before submission. Contributions are welcome from all fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about the social sciences.

Authors should also inform participating human subjects about the purpose of the study. All authors submitting papers to our journal are required to adopt these policies.

The principal purpose of European Journal of Social Sciences is to publish scholarly work in the social sciences defined in the classical sense, that is in the social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences. The journal emphasizes the publication of work that engages with issues of major public interest and concern across the world, and highlights the implications of that work for policy and professional practice.

A case evaluation, the International Journal of continuing social work education, Vol. Problems and challenges for social work education in India: Manuscripts that greatly exceed this will be critically reviewed with respect to length. The journal accepts academically robust papers that contribute to the area of research in business and management.

Manuscripts not coinciding with journal guidelines will be returned to authors without scientific evaluation. Peer Review Process All submitted manuscripts adhering to journal guidelines are evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief or experts from the Editorial Board and suitable manuscripts are then delivered to a peer-review process.

Plagiarism The Editorial Board of our journal will immediately screen all articles submitted for publication in that journal. However, research in all social science fields are welcome. Submissions and correspondence with the authors are dealt only via editor ejbss. Next issue is to be launched on 1st January, in online format.

The waive policy is only applied to the journal reviewers and editorial members, who may publish one article per year free of charge.

The process of peer review may take weeks. Reproduction of copyright material If you wish to include any material in your manuscript in which you do not hold copyright, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner, prior to submission.

European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences

The Journal is published in simultaneous print and electronic editions. Biases potentially introduced when sponsors are directly involved in research are analogous to methodological biases. The International System of Units. These relationships vary from negligible to great potential for influencing judgment.

International Social Work, 32 4. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research's journal/conference profile on Publons, with several reviews by several reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output.

The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences (EJBSS) is an internationally refereed scholarly journal published online on monthly basis from Zurich, Switzerland.

EJBSS is an open-access and double blind peer reviewed journal. European Journal of Social Sciences Studies in an international open access peer-reviewed publication that presents high quality, original and recent studies focused on a wide range of thematic research areas and disciplines related to social sciences.

It covers the fields of scientific knowledge and academic scholarship that study social groups and, more generally, human society. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences Toggle navigation.

Innovation-The European Journal of Social Science Research

Home; About Us; Impact Factor Journal Impact Factor List (Now Online!!! Getting Your Journal Indexed Date: 08th May, Impact Factor List Date: 28th April, European Journal of Business and Social Sciences. European Journal of Business and Social. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH (EJASSR) is a double blind, peer-reviewed and refereed international journal devoted to the field of Social Sciences.

EJASSR is a half-yearly print (ISSN ) as well as online (ISSN X) open access journal that publishes research works from scholars, academicians and.

European journal of social sciences
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