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Ina government committee recommended measures for authorizing autonomy for radio and television broadcasts. The little mag enthusiasts gather here and gossip among them.

A Composition about Ekushey Book Fair

However, the police arrested several students for violating section as they attempted to leave. Gradually it became official and the most popular book fair of Bangladesh. In the early s, Cable TV was introduced. Various kinds of toys for children are also sold there.

Police fired tear gas shells towards the gate to warn the students. Government-sponsored advertising is the largest source of revenue, taking 50 percent of the space of the newspapers.

Charges against editor Bahauddin remain pending in both sedition cases. The worst years for legislation limiting the freedom of the press were tofollowing the brief honeymoon with Prime Minister Mujibur Rahman, who had emerged as the nation's hero after the birth of Bangladesh.

He established the Jatiya party JP and by the end of the year became President, remaining in that position untilwhen he was deposed, subsequently tried and convicted of a number of offenses and sent to prison. Jessore has three papers, all printed in Bengali; Rajshahi has two Bengali newspapers; and Dinajpur has one Bengali newspaper.

New Books List of Ekushey Book Fair 2018 and Download Ekushey Boi Mela 2018 New Books

The AL was declared illegal, an action which drove its leaders into India where in Aprilthey formed the Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh in Exile.

Twelve personalities have been chosen for the Bangla Academy award for The political position remained fluid moving from one point of instability to another until in l, under the revised constitution, General Ziaur Rahman Zia became President and leader of a new party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP and abolished the martial law.

Language Movement

Modern Press Statistics of number of newspapers and their circulation vary with different sources. In allocating advertising through the Department of Films and Publications, the Government states that it considers circulation of newspapers, implementation of wage board recommendations, objectivity in reporting and coverage of development activities.

Proponents of Urdu such as Maulvi Abdul Haq condemned any proposal to grant official status to Bengali. The activities of the Prime Minister occupy the bulk of prime time news bulletins on both television and radio, followed by the activities of members of the Cabinet.

The young poets also frequent the place and debate among them on the latest forms of poetry. The "Caretaker Government Amendment" made it obligatory that, in future, all general elections in Bangladesh would be held by a neutral, non-partisan caretaker administration headed by the President.

Police fired tear gas shells towards the gate to warn the students. Many cultural activities, like poetry and music, are held on the Bangla Academy stage, where traditions of the nation are highlighted. In the last decade or more, economic conditions have improved.

Police attacked the procession injuring several students and leaders, including A. Background[ edit ] The current nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh, were part of an undivided India during the British colonial rule.

But after the demand of Buyer, visitors and sellers the fair holds until the last day of February. By a quarter past eleven, students gathered at the university gate and attempted to break the police line.

International Mother Language Day

YPSA is a non-profit, social development organization registered with the different departments of Bangladesh Government. YPSA-SHOW Project initiate a Unique Model of Online Based Referral System in Khagrachari. MART (Maternal Awareness and Referral Tracking) System is a unique intervention of SHOW project in Bangladesh for online based referral system.

Inter-School Bangla Olympiad ITHS Chattogram Branch organise Project Fair. ITHS Celebrates Victory Day. ITHS Chattogram Branch celebrates Pohela Falgun.

Children accompanied by their parents roam around the stalls at the Ekushey Book Fair during Children's Hours on Friday, the second day of the month-long fair.

Amor Ekushey Book Fair is widely known as Ekushey book fair in our country; it is one of the most traditional fairs of independent Bangladesh. Every the fair held throughout February at the premises of Bardhaman House and its surrounded area. International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote clientesporclics.com announced by UNESCO on 17 Novemberit was formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in a resolution establishing as the International Year of Languages.

International Mother Language Day Ekushey book fair
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A Composition about Ekushey Book Fair