Ect122 w2 ilab 3

Pin 2 is the trigger - the input to the lower comparator which sets the latch that causes output to go high. Physicists consider current to flow from relatively positive points to relatively negative points; this is called conventional current or Franklin current Investigating the current - potential difference relationship IV Characteristics for a metal wire.

Given the circuits below, calculate the expected Ammeter reading. First I am going to explain what a circuit is and what the differences they have are.

Turn off the power supply and replace the 1k resistor with the 2. Determine the total current in the following circuit. An ammeter of resistance Ra is connected through a rheostat to a cell of negligible internal There our four different things that affect the resistance of a wire: If the voltage is held constant, the current in a circuit reduce when the resistance increases.

Run the simulation and verify the simulated results are the same as the calculated values. Once you have calculated the resistance, click on the resistor symbol and compare your answers.

Ohms equals Voltage divided by amps. How does the length of the conductive putty affect the over all resistance of a circuit. We are using this heat due to flow of current in our daily life as in electric iron, electric bulb, electric fuse, electric heater and more.

The electromagnetic field produced around the coils is directly How much current flows in a circuit with a short circuit.

Then, connect the positive lead. Construct the circuit above on the breadboard. Resistivity is expressed in terms of Conductor - is a material which contains movable electric charges. Common slips made Confusion between direction of flow of current and direction of movement of electrons Confusion in use of symbols- Is ampere written as A or amp.

You will also learn about its uses. The testing is done with two different types of metal plates hooked up to an ammeter.

Component 1 1k 2 2. Topic Direction of flow of current. Male Female Please answer the following questions: The experiment will prove which gender produces the most electric current and in which condition do they have a greater current.

Controlled variable- What you are keeping the same in your experiment to make it a fair test. My objective in this experiment is to investigate one of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of wire.

Identify the type of the following circuits as either serial or parallel.

Ammeter Question 4 In the following table the values of current I flowing in a given resistor for the Turn off the power to the protoboard. If not, determine the problem and repeat the merement. If both resistance and voltage double the current remains the same.

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Turn on the power supply and mere and record the voltage V across the 3. Pin 1 serves as ground. But have you ever wondered how these appliances work. Use known values to determine the power dissipated in the resistor.

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In order to derive an expression for the magnetic field B at a point of distance r, from an infinitely long wire that. Here is the best resource for homework help with ECT Week at DeVry Chicago. Find ECT study guides, notes, and practice tests from DeVry Chicago. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; by School; by Subject; by Book.

CBell_ECT_w2_iLab_3 DeVry Chicago Week. ECT Week 2 iLab #3. Part 1. Parts: Breadboard. DC Power Supply. Hand Held DMM.

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Test leads. Wire. 56kΩ resistor. Given the circuit below, use Ohm’s law to determine the total current in the circuit and the voltage across the resistor.

Essay on ECT W2 ILab 3 ECT Week 2 iLab # 3 Part 1 Parts: Breadboard DC Power Supply Hand Held DMM Test leads Wire 56kΩ resistor 1. Given the circuit below, use Ohm’s law to determine the total current in the circuit and the voltage across the resistor.

May 02,  · Words | 3 Pages Electric Current and Current Flow GRADE: 8th TEACHER: Mrs. Russo I. Statement of Purpose and Hypothesis: Our purpose for this project was to find out what fruits and vegetables could generate an electric charge.

MBaucom_ECT_w2_iLab_2. 3 pages. CBell_ECT_w5_iLab_3 DeVry University, Chicago Week ECT - Spring Register Now; CBell_ECT_w5_iLab_3. 6 pages. w3_Assignments DeVry University, Chicago Electronic Systems I with Lab ECT - Winter View Lab Report - w2_iLab_2 from ECT ECT at DeVry University, Chicago.

ECT Week 2 iLab #2 Part 1 Never connect the Positive (+) lead of a power supply to the ground. Connect the negative.

Ect122 w2 ilab 3
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