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Ducklow Impacts of regional climate change on planktonic microorganisms in marine ecosystems My graduate research at the interface of marine biology and chemical oceanography addresses the impacts of regional climate change on microorganisms in coastal marine ecosystems.

This is one of the youngest and most rapidly extending continental rifts in the world, and is an intriguing locality for investigating how continents break apart. However, carbonate-rich sediment has been observed to demonstrate unstable slip behavior over a wider range of conditions than more clay-rich sediment.

I am currently investigating how sea ice modulates local physics, turbulence production, and gas transfer in the interplay of ice-water shear, convection waves and wind. Grades All students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.

Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Previous work suggests that the fine fraction of the sediment carries a disporportionatly high concentration of authigenic thorium, Thand extra-terrestrial helium, 3He, two nuclides frequently employed as constant-flux proxies in the aid of climate reconstructions from sediments.

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Altogether, the results of this thesis work will contribute to our understanding of our solar system as solids began to form and the journey these solids took before becoming asteroids or planets.

Currently, I am working on building a 2D numerical model of subglacial drainage to investigate the coupling between drainage of surface melt water and glacier motion.

The first half of my thesis focuses on the shallow portion of the seismogenic zone at the Japan Trench where the Mw9.

DEES Graduate Student Dissertation Topic List

Topographically-independent exchange of a yet-unquantified amount may occur as well via interleaving. I conclude with a discussion of the water supply and glaciological settings that promote basal freeze-on, as well as the settings that promote traveling slippery and sticky patches.

A better understanding of the dynamical mechanisms responsible for planetary wave events is the subject of current research using idealized modeling. This variability has been shown to force hydroclimate on nearly every continent, and is responsible for the drought that has affected the Southwestern United States since Determining the relationships between the crystal orientation and chemistry of metal nodules within and among the chondrules could yield insight into chondrule formation and deformation.

Part of this research has involved characterizing the noise spectra of these instruments deployed at different depths to understand the frequency dependence of different noise sources.

Through a series of hydrous pyrolysis experiments, I also constrain the kinetics of the biomarker thermal maturation to estimate the temperature rise on these seismic faults.

Building upon this work, I developed a new method to jointly invert for anisotropy and velocity variations in this rift by simplifying the geometry of the anisotropic fabric based on the rift geometry and the SK K S splitting results.

This work complements previous studies using surface waves and will contribute to our developing understanding of anelastic controls on seismic parameters by probing the Earth in a different frequency range. LREE re-enrichment by a carbonatitic melt.

This hydrologic setting changed in the past. Overturned folds in ice sheets: Additionally, there are few existing datasets that can be integrated to provide 3D constraints on rift architecture throughout the lithosphere, which are required to address these questions. Such approaches have been used to discover new species, address The D'Entrecasteaux Islands, at the heart of this rift, comprise metamorphic core complexes that contain the world's youngest ultra-high pressure coesite eclogite, exhumed from km depth in just 5 Ma.

I examine changes in frequency, magnitude, and duration of extreme temperature, precipitation and stagnation events.

Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Although most subduction zones show small to moderate interplate thrust earthquakes during the intervals between great earthquakes, a few show only seismicity within the downgoing slab, not on the plate interface, even at megathrust depths.

One of the primary goals of my research is to understand the processes of shelf-slope exchange along the WAP margins. The Rungwe Volcanic Province in Tanzania is the only volcanic region in the southern km of the rift.

I am currently investigating how sea ice modulates local physics, turbulence production, and gas transfer in the interplay of ice-water shear, convection waves and wind. The Mw 9. An additional volcanic component has been suggested. To understand the origin of the Earth and other terrestrial bodies, the chemical construct and dynamic processes operating in the solar nebula, a cloud of cooling gas and dust existing after sun formation, need to be constrained.

I have related anisotropy and shear strain in the shallow convecting mantle to predict shear-wave splitting times that are very close to the splitting times I observe, bolstering our hypothesis that the anisotropy arises from mantle fabric related to rifting.

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I find that the weak temperature response in this region is tied to changes in the moisture budget, driven by changes in regional circulation patterns and the westward extent of the Bermuda High.

The water pressure solution is applied to a sliding law to calculate ice flow speed. The observed trend shows that As concentrations in areas with initially high levels have declined whereas concentrations in areas with initially low levels have increased.

Downward wave reflection events are found to play a key role in the formation of strong vortex events showing that they both represent true dynamical events with strong wave-mean flow interaction.

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Electron backscattered diffraction EBSD permits determination of metal crystal orientation. As a result, aerosols have largely cancelled out the effects of greenhouse gases over the historical period.

However, these hybrid modes do not diagonalize the energy as the surface and interior modes are not orthogonal.

Dissertation Ideas In Environmental Science: 15 Problems To Investigate

In particular, receiver functions have been challenging to calculate at ocean bottom seismometers OBS in the past due to interference from the water column. Finance topics for dissertation environmental science.

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Environmental Science Dissertation Ideas: 25 Problems To Explore. Is it time for you to write an environmental science dissertation? Are you stressing out because you don’t know what topic to even choose, let alone know how to go about writing it?

DEES Graduate Student Dissertation Topic List

The candidate must submit 5 copies of the revised dissertation in final form (2 copies to the Environmental Science Ph.D. Program Director for the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, and 3 copies to the Division of.

Ph.D. in Environmental Science Independent Learning. The grounding in scientific research methodology provided by the dissertation requirement is a central focus of the PhD program.

This article will explore the different aspects of environmental science with the aim of coming up with a list of environmental dissertation topic. So read along and do not hesitate to use any of the topic ideas discussed here as the brainchild of your thesis.

This dissertation uses a convenience sample of members of eBird, a large citizen science project maintained by the Cornell University's Laboratory of Ornithology, to explore the value of avian biodiversity to bird watchers.

Dissertation environmental science
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