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The risk could come when people read about the genetics of intelligence and say: By whatever means, life's evolution through these stages would have to be time-consuming.

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This was the first time heredity went from being something I learned about in class to one of the most important things in my existence.

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I was fourteen at the time, and that mix of dinosaurs, asteroids, and apocalyptic explosions was… Reminder: Some good stuff on this 4th film Alien Resurrection.

Scientists in this field are able to demonstrate that random sequences of RNA sometimes exhibit useful properties.

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Although its emergence from nonliving matter is hard to conceive, precellular life must have appeared almost immediately.

Recently Renata Freitas of Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Spain and her colleagues set out to try to unlock that potential. In the interview, she discusses the research that had to be done in order to write her bestselling novel, Kindred. A heck of a good time.

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I can go find it for myself—if such a paper actually exists. This put it well ahead of the strongly opening Alien Resurrection.

Carl Zimmer

Chesterton Must-see page by Martin Ward with extraordinary set of links to on-line Chesterton novels, stories, plays, essays, and poems. Barry Chusid Director of Photography: She wants the readers to be genuinely interested in her work and the story she provides, but at the same time she fears that people will not read her work because of the "science fiction" label that they have.

If precellular life somehow got going, it could then conceivably begin to crank out, by some precellular process, random strings of nucleotides and amino acids, trying to luck into a gene or a protein with advantages which would lead to bacterial life.

Carl Zimmer is an award-winning New York Times columnist and the author of 13 books about science. His newest book is She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity.

Major Lectures; Plenary Lecture: Carl Zimmer, science-writer, author, and columnist for The New York Times - Science and Scandal: Reporting on Biology In An Age of Controversy (View/Download Presentation Slides here) Bartholomew Award Lecture: Caroline Williams, University of California, Berkeley - Cold Truths: Evolutionary Impacts of Winter on Terrestrial Ectotherms.

Carl Zimmer is a rarity among professional science writers in being influential among the scientists on whose work he writes and comments – to the extent that he has been appointed as professor.

"Carl Zimmer is one of the best science writers we have today." --Rebecca Skloot, author of the bestselling "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" "Zimmer brilliantly animates the intoxicating passions of science lovers in perfectly precise, perfectly poetic short stories.".


I am a science columnist for The New York Times and author of 13 books about science, including Parasite Rex, Evolution: Making Sense of Life, and. “Carl Zimmer is one of the best science writers we have today.

Science writer Carl Zimmer on his new book, crazy genetics and the ethics of CRISPR

A Planet of Viruses is an important primer on the viruses living within and around all of us—sometimes funny.

Carl zimmer science writer
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